Values-based Leadership Program graduates regularly tell of the personal transformation they experience while enrolled in the program, and organizations have made a practice out of sending employees to participate.  Below are just a few of the voices of VBLP.  We hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged to make VBLP a part of your leadership journey.


Sending Organization Testimonials

“MCC staff who attend the Values-based Leadership Program regularly tell us that they learned a lot about their leadership style and how they can lead better. When we send staff to the program, it signals for them that we take their personal growth and their staff leadership seriously. One of the additional strengths of the program that I see is that it gives participants a cluster of people they can continue to learn from and counsel with in the future. The Values-based Leadership Program is a win-win-win for the participants, the organizations that send them and for the church.”

J Ron Byler
Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Executive Director

“Landis Communities has participated in the VBLP over the years, often sending two or three leaders each year. This creates a shared experience for those attending together, as well as a common base of understanding as many leaders have participated over the years  Our goal is to offer the opportunity to all senior leaders and department directors, and we find this to be both an excellent leadership development opportunity, as well as a way to strengthen a culture of values-based leadership throughout Landis Communities. A significant additional benefit that participants experience are the lasting relationships with others who attend the VBLP as well.”

Larry Zook
CEO of Landis Communities

“My motivation for attending the Values-based Leadership Program in 2010-2011 was two-fold; to gain personal knowledge of my leadership style with the goal of improving and enhancing my own capacity for leadership and to explore VBLP as a resource for others from Eastern Mennonite University to attend and experience the same benefits. EMU continues to partially subsidize the expenses for two attendees each year in an effort to strengthen leadership qualities in those who hold supervisory positions, giving some priority to women who demonstrate the interest and willingness to step into even greater positions of responsibility.”

Twila King Yoder, Class of 2011
Executive Assistant to the President, Eastern Mennonite University


Participant Testimonials

“My experience with VBLP continues to be one of the primary lenses I use in my ongoing growth and development as a pastor and leader in the Mennonite Church.   I have done some significant theological reflection on the Posner & Kouzes 5 leadership practices and I actively use these in my own practice and share them in a variety of ways with the pastoral staff and interns I supervise as well as our congregational leaders.”

Jennifer Davis Sensenig, Class of 2010
Lead Pastor, Community Mennonite Church

“By knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are as well as what others [of different profiles] strengths and weaknesses are, I have found my leadership strengthened,” said Aldo Siahaan (Class of 2015), Franconia Conference LEADership minister and pastor at Philadelphia Praise Center.

Siahaan went on to share how understanding leadership gifts in others is more than a good thing, it is part of being the body of Christ, “To see the body of Christ respecting one another is really important. As Christians, we sometimes have divisions because of not knowing or understanding the personalities of others.”

For Madalyn Metzger (Class of 2016), vice president of marketing of Everence Financial and a VBLP participant, the program brought a new perspective to the idea of leadership from within — “within our organizations and within ourselves.”

“Because we are called to lead as people of faith — through our work and service in institutions of faith — the program is helping us clarify and hone that calling within a faith perspective,” she said.

She added that the program had been a valuable experience for her, both personally and professionally: “It enabled to me to refocus on who I am and how I want to lead, and gave me the space to define what that means and what that looks like.”

“The VBLP facilitators met me where I found myself.  They helped me identify the tools of leadership already in my possession while helping me access new ones.  They provided a safe space, support and situations that engendered moments of deep reflection and critical examination of my work and myself.”

Raquel Esteves Joyce , Class of 2015



“I have four years of graduate school and a PhD in leadership. I think our Values-based Leadership Program teaches more about leadership than what I experienced in higher education.”

Rick Stiffney, Resource Team/Steering Committee member, Class of 2000
President and CEO, MHS