2015/2016 Session I concludes

Two weeks have passed since the 2015/2016 VBLP Session I concluded, it was a great time for all participants and leaders.  There were 37 participants who are continuing to examine their values in the context of leadership. What does that mean? Well, since you asked – As I stated in my last blog, “A common thread in all leaders is that they operate from a core set of values”.  Our values have been developed, adjusted and changed over the years, and are our internal drivers to thoughts and actions. For example, one of my values is to respect people regardless of who they are or what they are doing, not always the easiest thing to do. But what does this look like? Take a moment to think of a person who you either had a conflict with or someone who thinks and acts completely opposite of your values and believes. How do you demonstrate respect, when the easier thing to do would be to walk away and not interact with that person at all? How do you encourage that person or even see them as someone God created? Only you can answer these questions for yourself.

Session I is a great opportunity that allows us to intentionally pause from daily routines and examine how personal values are demonstrated in leadership. To gain some understanding we complete a couple of different profiles as well as ask for feedback from supervisors, subordinates and peers. These profiles provide some insight to particular styles of leadership we utilize and the predominate characteristics of those styles. In conjunction with the assigned readings and workshop activities, participants begin to evaluate their leadership values and how they are demonstrated even in the most stressful times.

Session I is only the beginning of this five month journey. There are also monthly conference calls with cohort groups during the inter term to continue discussions on application of insight and goals set in Session I. Cohort groups is one of the greatest gifts in this training. Group members develop relationships that allow a safe place to share struggles, collect feedback and function as an accountability group. Then comes Session II – Sorry you will have to wait to read more about that one.

The question here is “What Does Your Leadership Style Say about Your Values”?  You have no choice here because your leadership style will tell everyone around you what your values are without saying a word. What is that saying?? – Oh ya – “don’t tell me, show me”. VBLP provides the opportunity to examine our core set of values and how those values are exhibited (show me) as leaders.