The Collaborative MBA

Persons who apply to the The Collaborative MBA program may also apply to have their participation in and completion of the Values-based Leadership Program to replace one course in The Collaborative MBA  Leadership Concentration on a credit, no credit basis. The leadership concentration is offered during fall of the second year of studies.

In order to receive this credit, the student must write and receive approval of a three-four page essay describing his her/her learning experience in the Values-based Leadership Program. That paper should include some of the specific authors, analytic tools and writing projects completed during the program as well as describing the personal impact of participating in the program.

Students who apply to The Collaborative MBA program before June 15 and submit their essays by July 1 will receive notification of whether their paper was approved for a course reduction by July 15. There will be a $150 tuition fee if the essay is accepted as replacement credit.

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