A Fresh Perspective

Gain a fresh perspective at the Values-based Leadership Program, one that views leadership and organizational processes through a uniquely Anabaptist lens. This perspective allows you to follow Jesus’ servant leadership model and celebrate both community and diversity, grounding your leadership practice in your faith, values and life experiences.

For this reason the Values-based Leadership Program encourages self-discovery and emphasizes leading from within to reach your potential rather than fitting some prescriptive set of leadership expectations. It stresses the importance of inspiring a shared vision and motivating your colleagues to work together, contributing their gifts and strengths to the overall process. It creates a dynamic where the program’s facilitators become your advocates and mentors, attentively supporting your personal growth as a leader. And it sets the stage for collaboration within a learning community comprised of leaders in various settings.

Much of what you’ll take from the Values-based Leadership Program is intangible—yet very real and valuable. Confidence. Vision. Insight. Goals. And self-discovery—of your individual strengths, weaknesses, and personal leadership style. You’ll see how Anabaptist faith values and your individual leadership style dovetail to serve as the foundation for outstanding leadership. You’ll discover the path to continued growth—for yourself and for other promising leaders you’re committed to nurturing. And you’ll leave with the tools to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

The Values-based Leadership Program’s two on-site sessions span five months, giving you ample opportunity during the inter-term to put into practice what you learn in Session I, conduct valuable self-assessment and explore new leadership practices. During Session II, you will dialogue with fellow participants about what went well (and what didn’t) and establish a personal mission statement and vision for leading others.

If you’re more interested in learning to lead from a servant perspective than in “making it to the top,” the Values-based Leadership Program is the leadership training for you!

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